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A podcast on coaching covering topics related to Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and various coaching tools to select from

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We are here to talk about, explore and share the world of coaching with you! You will learn about things that you may not want to ask, like what is coaching anyway? We will talk about what makes coaching different from counselling, mentoring and therapy. Did you know there are specialities in coaching? What benefits do the different areas offer?

Can one coach do it all? How do you know if you are working with the right coach?Those are just some of the areas we will explore. We will also offer some tips to help make your life better, personally and professionally.  We can all use some extra tips, especially while we are dealing with this pandemic!

Join us as we start season 1 with some fundamentals!You will be glad you did!

S02 E13: Get Set To Thrive with Joe Arrigo Get Set To Thrive Podcast

This week, we have Joe Arrigo – Personal Development Coach Joe is a Myers Briggs Type Indicator certified Practitioner and believes knowing your personality type gives you the freedom to NOT be someone else. Joe brings in valuable experience as a technical recruiter and uses it in coaching leaders and corporate teams. Join hosts Shreyas and Michele as Joe answers: 1. What are personality type assessments? Who do they help? 2. What are the differences between Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, DISC and other assessments? 3. Where should people start if they want to know their personality type? 4. How to deal with scepticism around assessments and shares many other valuable tips!! With a Fist Bump, Shreyas and Michele Find us at : https://getsettothrive.wordpress.com/ Shreyas –  https://getsetrisecoaching.com/ Michele –  https://www.michelegunn.com/ — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/get-set-to-thrive/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/get-set-to-thrive/support
  1. S02 E13: Get Set To Thrive with Joe Arrigo
  2. S02 E12: Get Set To Thrive with Lola Brocklesby
  3. S02 E011: Get Set To Thrive with Gary Searle
  4. S02 E10: Get Set To Thrive with Daman Phillip
  5. S02 E09: Get Set To Thrive with Prof Pete Alexander

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  • Summary of Episodes
    So far we have taken you on quite a journey in episodes 1-5! We have covered some pretty basic understandings of what coaching is and what coaching isn’t. We covered some common methodologies and expectations. You met both Shreyas and Michele and learned what brought them into coaching. They shared a bit about themselves as well as their coaching businesses. They also shared some successes they have had as coaches. Read further to know more about the episodes!
  • Experiencing Coaching Benefits Personally
    It has been two months since I started my iPEC coach training program. I have had about half a dozen peer coaching and success coaching sessions. Practicing my coaching skills and interacting with my peers has opened me to experience positive benefits both personally and professionally. When you encourage others, you in the process are being encouraged because you’re making a commitment to that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference. “When you encourage others, you in the process are being encouraged because you’re making a commitment to that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference.” — Zig Ziglar This quote inspires me to share my knowledge and open up to new opportunities. Read below to know what benefits I have experienced from the coach training program
  • Coach Training Program Experience
    Three certificates, 300+ hours of accredited training hours, 15,000+ certified coaches. These are just some of the many benefits that iPEC offers through their Coach Training Program (CTP). The benefits do not end there. The biggest treasure that iPEC offers is the secret to unlock and unleash your true potential—the awareness of the superstar you already are. Too good to be true? All it took for me was one empowering and well-curated question to get into iPEC by my admissions coach. Read further as I share my experience of the first training weekend of CTP.
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